National Taiwan University Chorus (NTU Chorus) is one of Taiwan's most distinguished choirs. The bright and youthful choir with its one hundred singers performs a wide-ranging repertoire encompassing various styles, including canonic Western choral literatures, spiritual and gospel music, Chinese art songs, Taiwanese folksongs, operatic choral numbers, musical medleys, and works commissioned by Taiwan's emerging talented composers. Vibrant, ambitious and remarkably adaptable, NTU Chorus is especially acclaimed for bringing together vocal beauty, lighting effects and choreographed dance moves to dramatic effect. Under the direction of conductor Fang-Pei Tracy Lien since 2003, the choir is the largest university mixed choir in the country. For five consecutive years, it won the national music competition for college students in the mixed choir, male choir, and female choir categories. In addition to attaining artistic excellence, the choir is involved in offering educational music camps to primary school children as a way to foster learning and promote appreciation of choral music.